Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Registry

Well my mom helped me check one more thing off my list this weekend....registering at Babies R talk about an overwhelming day!! I have never been so tired, stressed, confused and overwhelmed in my life! It started out kind of would never guess how many different options there are for one of the options on the checklist....however, we started getting the hang of it and were moving at a good pace until we came to IT...... the STROLLER.... and just so you know.... neither one of us have been around a stroller in YEARS. We must have looked like the biggest idiots in that store. Once we FINALLY figured out how to fold the stroller down we couldn't open it back up! We were standing in the middle of the aisle with a stroller laying across the floor...stepping on one wheel and pulling at the was pretty rough. But. we finally picked one out!! and yes it was the easiest one there!! Baby B better like it :)

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