Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who needs Fiction

I pulled out my wallet to pay at the store yesterday and found this.......

It's an empty credit card spot in my wallet! What?!?!?! Here is the problem-> I can't remember what card I could possibly be missing. BUT I DO remember a certain little someone (Wyatt) stealing my wallet the day before.

I took a calm breath and prepared for the exhausting battle with my two year old. Believe me, it takes a very specific "carefree" approach to get answers from this wild man.

Me: Wyatt did you take one of my cards out of my wallet yesterday?
Wyatt: Yep
Me: Well.... do you remember where you put it?
Wyatt: Yep.
Me: (calm breaths) could you please show me??
Wyatt: Yep.....

The Location..... Crawl space down in the basement....... Can't make this up people. 
Truth is funnier than fiction!

Side note: It was my poor RED card. How could I possibly forget about my RED card! I guess it's the first step of recovering from my Target Shopping Addiction. Bittersweet.

Friday, April 17, 2015

"Fun" filled day

Yesterday was a jam packed day with the boys. When we got home I realized we had been gone 6 hours! It started with a visit to the doctor for their wellness check ups..... and for Jack that meant SHOTS.

Here is a look into their check up.......

Just a little dancing

and a little relaxing....

Shots didn't bring this tough guy down!

We followed it up with some delicious frozen yogurt,
Ran a few errands.....

and then they were done..... If I wasn't driving
 I would have been cuddled up back there too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Never a Dull Moment

Wyatt Thomas Buckland.......

If you are lucky enough to know this sweet sweet boy you know that he is full of life! I am 100% sure that his goal in life is to make people smile, laugh and most importantly.... keep me on my toes. Now if you do know Wyatt you also know that he LOVES his paci and his blankey! This brings me to the main point of this post. 

Monday evening WE LOST EVERY PACI!!!!!  I am not even sure how that was even possible but we did. I had a 5 second moment of panic ( I think I appreciate that paci as much as he does) but then pulled myself together and put my "we can do this" hat on.... Luckily I never felt like I was flat out lying to him because we really did lose them so there were no other options. I am so proud at how he handled it. He looked every where he could think to find a paci and then just took it for what it was.....  BUT apparently it really helps our little man fall asleep. 

Night 1
He got out of bed about 5 times.... but we stayed strong and kept taking him back. Finally he stayed in bed! WE THOUGHT! Jason and I were watching tv and I thought I heard something and sure enough I walked in to the kitchen to find Wyatt sitting at the counter eating a bag of chips....... sigh..... ooh Wyatt....

Day 2
No Nap......sigh.......

Night 2
After getting up and taking him back to bed multiple times, he finally came down and I noticed he smelled like vapor rub. Apparently he put it all over his bottom.......sigh..... (I've hidden all creams now) 

Day 3 
I am going out to buy some more wine..............