Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Who needs Fiction

I pulled out my wallet to pay at the store yesterday and found this.......

It's an empty credit card spot in my wallet! What?!?!?! Here is the problem-> I can't remember what card I could possibly be missing. BUT I DO remember a certain little someone (Wyatt) stealing my wallet the day before.

I took a calm breath and prepared for the exhausting battle with my two year old. Believe me, it takes a very specific "carefree" approach to get answers from this wild man.

Me: Wyatt did you take one of my cards out of my wallet yesterday?
Wyatt: Yep
Me: Well.... do you remember where you put it?
Wyatt: Yep.
Me: (calm breaths) could you please show me??
Wyatt: Yep.....

The Location..... Crawl space down in the basement....... Can't make this up people. 
Truth is funnier than fiction!

Side note: It was my poor RED card. How could I possibly forget about my RED card! I guess it's the first step of recovering from my Target Shopping Addiction. Bittersweet.

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