Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And The Classes Begin................

Last night we had our first "birth and baby" class. The most memorable quote from the nurse was, "Ok dads, this Life Saver (the candy) represents your wives cervix and you are going to suck on it until it dissolves to represent the thinning of her cervix."..... At that moment I about pee'd my pants. I can only imagine what was going through Jason's head at that time. Of course Jason only lasted sucking on the Life Saver for about 1 minute and then you heard a big crunch as he bit into it and the teacher called him out....Way to go J. :) Now, I am officially freaked out about giving birth and we've only been to one class. On a side note, I did get a lovely back massage from Jason as we practiced our first breathing technique. However there was a moment of Jason getting bored so he decided to start spelling things on my back.... not very helpful J......I was trying to concentrate....


  1. OMG!! This was too funny :) I totally LOL at work..thank god I dont work around anyone. :) Can't wait for baby Jack to arrive!!

  2. LOL!!! You were near my room!! Wish I was doing the class with you!