Friday, November 4, 2011

Mom knows best...

Thursday morning I woke up with a tiny little butt in my face followed by a kick to the boob and then three....not one but three.....farts in my face. Well Good Morning..... not so much. All week we have NOT been sleeping! Things were awful! I tried so hard to let him cry it out. And believe me I do have a lot of self control when it comes to that. Jack never comes in our bed like this and he always sleeps through the night but something was different. The only thing that helped was me holding him. So as in act of desperation I finally brought him in my bed at 4:30 since I wake up at 5:40.
I knew something was wrong but the only thing I could guess was that it had something to do with the little rash he had. Jack hasn't given us ANY sign at all through out the day that any thing is wrong. He is the happiest little boy, but night time was a completely different story. So I decided I had to call the doctor. They asked us to come in and sure enough..... he had an ear infection!! I couldn't believe it!!

So I am happy to say that we got out medicine, went home and rested and the result was one happy baby......................and he slept through the night!!


  1. Poor guy! Glad he is feeling better and all of you are sleeping again!

  2. I love reading your blog!!! Jack is so cute! I'm he is feeling better!!!