Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Proud DaDa Proud MaMa

We had some special "proud Parent" moments last night and this morning. Last night I told Jack that is was time to go to bed and he went and grabbed his football and headed towards his room, because he HAD to sleep with football last night. It then continued to the morning because football HAD to be on his tray while he ate breakfast. It seems that now our football will be going everywhere with us. Can we say proud DaDa????  

Now it is time for MaMa to brag. Our big boy ate his whole breakfast by himself with a spoon. It wasn't the cleanest breakfast (although much cleaner than expected) but it made us both VERY proud. He ate with the biggest grin on his face!

We had baby spoons but they were so long and the actual spoon surface was tiny so I have been on a mission to find new ones and came across Gerber's safety spoon and fork and they did the job! He was able to control it so much better!!

Last but not least..... here is a picture for everyone who asks if Jack is ever not smiling.............
He was NOT in the mood for me to take a picture.....

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