Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well... it seems that my family has it's own version of Dug from the movie Up, and his name is Cooper. Yesterday afternoon was such a lovely day so I thought Jack and I would go and sit on the patio while we let the dogs out to do their thing. Boy, were we in for a surprise..... As we were sitting out on the patio enjoying the lovely sunshine, Cooper comes running out of the woods very excited with what he considers a present......a damn SQUIRREL!!!!!!!! I immediately jump up with Jack in my arms and run from Cooper....which of course he considers to be a fun game and runs after me. I start yelling "LEAVE IT, COOPER LEAVE IT." He then tilts his head in confusion...because he thinks he is being an awesome dog and bringing me a present. I run inside and slam the door before he can bring it inside and call Jason and scream on the phone telling him to come home.
Luckily Cooper finally dropped the squirrel ON OUR BACK STEPS and I let the dogs inside. and yes, Mr. Squirrel stayed on the steps until Jason got home to get rid of it. I was going to take a picture to share this awesome experience, but lucky for you it was to dark by then.

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