Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Weekend!

This weekend was so wonderful!! Saturday one of my best friends ever - Tara came over with heavenly smoothies from the Juice Shop to hang out and Mr. Jack had a blast with her!! She has that magic baby touch!! :) It was so nice for me to have some "adult girl talk" again! She even jumped up with me in Jason's HUGE truck to go to Lowes to pick out some rocking chairs!
I am soo excited because her and Tony are moving in to their new house Monday which is only about 5 minutes away!! I see many backyard cook outs in the future! At this point I had already had a wonderful day....but it even got better!! Saturday night was our DATE NIGHT! My parents came over to watch baby Jack while Jason and I went out to dinner all by ourself. I would tell you where we went but I dont want you to get to jealous. Not only was our dinner DELICIOUS but it was so nice to have some quiet alone one-on-one time again. Of course I think I talked about Jack most of the time and how much has changed in over a year! Of course I worked hard to try to look nice and put in more effort than I have in a while....I even rolled my this was a BIG DEAL. I even wore a robe around on top of my outfit right until we left so it didn't get messed up. THANK GOODNESS. Right after we got home from our dinner date and I went to put Jack in bed.... this was what I found......
And this was not the only lovely present Jack left for me. He is such a sharer :)

But wait people..........IT GETS BETTER!!!

I went to sleep and then the next thing I know I wake up by myself 6 hours later and freaking out!! "oh no....what is wrong with Jack" I sneak into room... and by sneaking I mean me tip-toeing while the wood floor is making every noise possible. Then I pretty much stick my face right in his face and stare.... I couldn't decide if I was dreaming. Of course...I ended up waking him up with all my stalking noise but my little angel went right back to sleep after he had his bottle and didn't wake up until the morning! Talk about feeling refreshed!!!!!!!!

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  1. I hope you have many more nights like that one you beautiful momma!