Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Weekend!

This weekend was so wonderful!! Saturday one of my best friends ever - Tara came over with heavenly smoothies from the Juice Shop to hang out and Mr. Jack had a blast with her!! She has that magic baby touch!! :) It was so nice for me to have some "adult girl talk" again! She even jumped up with me in Jason's HUGE truck to go to Lowes to pick out some rocking chairs!
I am soo excited because her and Tony are moving in to their new house Monday which is only about 5 minutes away!! I see many backyard cook outs in the future! At this point I had already had a wonderful day....but it even got better!! Saturday night was our DATE NIGHT! My parents came over to watch baby Jack while Jason and I went out to dinner all by ourself. I would tell you where we went but I dont want you to get to jealous. Not only was our dinner DELICIOUS but it was so nice to have some quiet alone one-on-one time again. Of course I think I talked about Jack most of the time and how much has changed in over a year! Of course I worked hard to try to look nice and put in more effort than I have in a while....I even rolled my this was a BIG DEAL. I even wore a robe around on top of my outfit right until we left so it didn't get messed up. THANK GOODNESS. Right after we got home from our dinner date and I went to put Jack in bed.... this was what I found......
And this was not the only lovely present Jack left for me. He is such a sharer :)

But wait people..........IT GETS BETTER!!!

I went to sleep and then the next thing I know I wake up by myself 6 hours later and freaking out!! "oh no....what is wrong with Jack" I sneak into room... and by sneaking I mean me tip-toeing while the wood floor is making every noise possible. Then I pretty much stick my face right in his face and stare.... I couldn't decide if I was dreaming. Of course...I ended up waking him up with all my stalking noise but my little angel went right back to sleep after he had his bottle and didn't wake up until the morning! Talk about feeling refreshed!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sleep..... What is that? new way of life. While I was pregnant everyone just kept saying, make sure you sleep blah blah blah. At that point I thought I was barely sleeping ha....if I only knew........

Now everyday is a list of to do's....

4:30am Jack wakes up.
I drag myself out of bed, and occasionally (more often than not) run into a wall.
Go into the kitchen to warm the bottle.
Go into the nursery and change Jack's diaper.
My lovely husband walks in with the bottle to feed Jack.
I go pump
Put Jack back to sleep.
Work out
Get dressed and ready for work
Get Jack's stuff for daycare all ready and by the door for Jason
Get all of my lovely pump equip. ready to drag along with me to work
Get Jack dressed & get in as many hugs as possible to get through the day

7:15am Leave for work

4:30pm Pick up Jack from Daycare
Feed Jack
Get in some snuggle time
Put clothes in the wash
Start getting something together for dinner
Start washing bottles
Wash more bottles
Wash pump equip.
Prepare bottles for daycare and the night ahead
Cuddle with Jack some more
Eat dinner
Watch TV with Jason snuggle some more with Jack
9:00pm Feed Jack
Give Jack a bath
Read to Jack and sing out night times songs
Put Jack to bed
Put myself to bed.....sleep...for 2 hours until he wakes up again.....

12:00am Change Jack's Diaper, Feed, Pump Wash bottles.....

You get the rest................

But this little guy is worth it!!! I would do it over and over! He has def. got me wrapped around his little precious finger!! I can't look at him without smiling ear to ear! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be loved by 2 wonderful guys!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Working Girl

Getting ready for our first day at Daycare!!!

Just like his daddy.....

We loved our first walk!!

My little man!

Well it's official I am back at work. I miss my little man so much! But I know he is having a great time with all of his other little moonbeamers. I can just imagine it.....all of them just chillin' out in their bouncy seats and seeing who can make the most noise.

I feel so blessed! I have the best husband and son anyone could ask for! 4:30 can't get here fast enough! I will have to restrain myself from not speeding to go and get him.