Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I know I am blessed, but lately I have been feeling more and more blessed. Jack has always been an amazingly happy baby. But ever since he got tubes put in, he has been even happier! He is constantly dancing, blowing the best kisses and giving the biggest hugs with a HUGE smile on his face! He is a mess and a half and I love it! He gets in to everything and I could care less (as long as it's not dangerous). Sometimes I feel like I should be more protective when I see other moms but Jack is a strong little boy and when he falls we say yay and he smiles and gets back up! He loves figuring out everything and that warms my heart. With this wonderful weather we have been spending more and more time out doors and I got his little slide out (figuring it was still too big) and what do you know... he climbed right up it! I was so impressed! We spent the next 30-45 minutes going up the steps and sliding down! As you could imagine....he was worn out!! (me too)

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