Friday, March 9, 2012

oooo the park.......

It was so nice out yesterday that I decided to take Jack to the park.
We have a wonderful park that is practically in our backyard. Only problem
is.... we have to walk on a very busy road for just a block and there is NOOOOOO
sidewalk. I swear there are sidewalks everywhere except for one block on either side of our
street. Thanks Greensboro! Luckily there is yard that we can walk on but I haven't attempted
to walk it in about 8 months.....

Soo I get Jack in his wagon and he is pumped (hoping to find a single lady I am sure) we start out journey and I quickly realize that mommy made a big mistake. The little bit of yard that we had to use to get to the park is covered in branches, rocks and the worst....overgrown thorny bushes from our neighbors yard that go all the way to the street but we are ALMOST THERE!!!!
Crap! So (with cars flying by) I get Jack out of the wagon and carry him and the wagon (have I mentioned Jack weighs 27lbs) on to the street for .2 seconds and run past the thorny bushes and get back on to the grass....praying the whole time.

But we made it!!!! We get to the park and I am sweating and panting by this point...looking awesome and lucky for us there is a play group going on.... yay (enter sarcasm).

I swear the moms eyed me and ran to put there kids in the "good" swings.... Cool, whatever, the other ones are better anyways... So I am looking around (still catching breath) and notice that all the other kids are all wearing smocked outfits. Then I look at Jack, he is in his torn jeans (because he is hip) little fleece jacket and still has his lunch all over his face from daycare. Needless to say we stood out.... The other moms kept their distance. Then I noticed another mom putting her kids in our wagon...... ummm ok??? Well although the experience wasn't quite how I expected we had a good time anyways :)

But we took the LONG way home..... on sidewalks....

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  1. ha ha! Those other moms sound like they could use a lesson from you. Jack (and you) doesn't need their approval! Jack is still the cutest little boy :)