Thursday, January 1, 2015

What 2015 brings.......

Here is to new beginnings. A new year, a new state, a new town, a new home, a new adventure TOGETHER. 

I began this post as a goodbye letter to my home and dear friends, but this is in no way a goodbye. This is a thank you for filling all my wonderful years here with so much love and so many smiles. I will always cherish everyone and everything. However, like I said, this is in no way a goodbye. This is a see you in a little while.... Worst case, I will overwhelm you with so many posts and pictures on here it will be like we never left. Everyone can come along with us as we begin our new adventure! 

Our new home sweet home

First major event..... Pack my house in 8 days!?!?!? 
Yep you heard me right. Well.....I might leave out a wine glass for this ;)

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