Monday, April 16, 2012

What a weekend!

We had a GREAT weekend filled with fun!!
Jack has been in the most amazing mood lately and his smiles is so contagious. I catch it every time! This weekend Jack got a sand & water table that he absolutely loves! Although he does try to drink out of it....

He also got a potty! (the cutest little potty ever) I know it seems really early right? Jack is so interested in the potty that I figured what could it hurt... the faster I get him out of diapers the easier my life will be with two babies! We aren't pushing him to use it though. We are going to let him take his time and figure it out. I put him on it when we first put it together and drum roll please......... He went potty!! I was in shock!! But I think it was an absolute fluke because that hasn't happened since :)

Sunday Jack was such a little ham and big helper! I was trying to clean things out and he was such a big helper going around with his mini sized swiffer and helping me push the vacuum around! He makes cleaning fun!

He loves to close the doors between the dining room and the kitchen while I am in the kitchen you can tell he thinks it is hilarious...:)

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  1. Max and Claire LOVE their water table... we will have to have a water table play date soon :)